Why Should You Consider Having Both a VCIO and Managed Services Provider in San Antonio?

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managed services San AntonioToday’s small businesses have tools and resources available to them than ever before, and as an owner of such, having a virtual CIO is just one of the many opportunities you should be taking advantage of. You are likely overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks of managing your business, not to mention the added responsibilities of being the lead information officer. In fact, you may not even have a single full-time IT person on staff to help you out— that’s where the vCIO and managed services in San Antonio come into play.

What is a Virtual CIO?

A virtual chief information officer (CIO) is one of the many managed services in San Antonio offered today. Essentially, you enlist the help of a third-party IT professional to play the role of CIO from afar. They manage reports, take care of your IT setup and, essentially, keep your IT system moving forward.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual CIO

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a vCIO:

  • Access to IT professionals – It gives your small business access to the expertise and skills that would be beyond the scope of your IT budget, even if you could hire someone full-time. Managed service providers hire the best and brightest within the IT world to join their virtual CIO companies, so that you’ll always have a highly-qualified representative available to you.
  • Business growth – Hiring a virtual CIO also promotes growth within your company. As your IT system starts improving with the help of your vCIO, your customer service and operational efficiency will also improve. This leads to higher revenues and more customers. Plus, since you’re not trying to run the business and troubleshoot IT problems, your personal efficiency and productivity will go way up.
  • Money-saving – Finally, it saves you money. Subscribing to a vCIO service means that you aren’t paying a full-time staff member, even when you don’t need them. A vCIO typically manages multiple clients at once, so you are only paying for the time that they are actually servicing your system, not a full 40-hour work per week. In the short term, the money you are saving on personnel can be spent on hardware and software that is recommended by the vCIO to make your company run smoother.

Virtual CIOs are just one part of the many managed services in San Antonio. They offer a wide breadth of knowledge and skill sets that are beneficial to any small business owner. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with the daily demands of your business, a virtual CIO may be the answer. Now only will they bring years of targeted expertise to the table, but they will also save you money and make recommendations for the future growth of your business so you can begin preparing sooner rather than later. At Rx Technology, we can help you with your business needs. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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