Why Institutions of Higher Learning Need Cyber Security in San Antonio

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cyber security San AntonioCyber security in San Antonio campuses is of the highest priority. With the recent changes in technology, IT staffs in campuses are scrambling to stay ahead of security threats. Many universities and colleges have brought in additional IT security staff specially trained to handle these security threats. Bringing in outside security consultants may be a better answer.

The Challenges Faced by Higher Education Today

Here are some of the challenges in cyber security that San Antonio campuses are facing:

  • Securing the cloud – Being able to store data in the cloud has transformed the way IT works on campuses. It has alleviated the burden of maintaining a lot of large servers and made data access easier. However, with that ease of access comes security concerns. IT must do its due diligence to ensure the cloud data remains secure from internal and external threats.
  • Educating the users – Think of a typical college campus. There are hundreds or thousands of staff and faculty members. Plus, you have thousands, or tens of thousands, of students coming in and out of campus throughout the year. All of those users need to be educated on how to keep data secure, no matter how they access it.
  • Securing personal devices – Staff, faculty, and students are bringing increasing numbers of personal devices for use on campus. There are so many it is almost impossible for IT staff to secure those devices. So, every time a non-secured device accesses the network, a new threat is open.
  • Managing identity and access management – Everyone on campus needs to have access only to the data to which they have rights. That requires creating individual IDs on each system for each user and limiting the access those IDs have. Managing all these IDs and their access levels is an ongoing challenge, especially with students coming in and going out each semester.
  • Limited IT resources – Most universities and colleges don’t have a generous IT budget. In fact, most IT budgets are stretched to the max each year. Trying to hire additional IT security experts is not usually a priority. That means the current IT staff has to do more, without any additional help.
  • Getting the attention of university leaders – Those that lead college campuses don’t usually focus on IT security. However, with increasing threats from inside and outside, it is critical that those at the executive level pay attention to it and make it a priority.

Would Cyber Security Be Easier with Outside Help?

IT resources are already stretched thin on most university and college campuses. Trying to stay ahead of security concerns is not easy. Bringing in an outside consultant may be the answer. They can assess the security needs of the campus and help IT staff members make changes where needed. They bring an objective eye to the situation which can help identify problems IT staff might be oblivious to.

At Rx Technology, we can help your institution with our cyber security services in San Antonio. We have a track record in helping schools, colleges, and universities secure their IT infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more.

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