What you Need to Know about Office Cabling

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Moving into a new office in San Antonio? A lot of questions can be answered by a site survey and Rx Technology works hard to make this process as streamlined as possible by working with contractors on timing and installation. If you are deciding to shop around and even want to call us for a quote here are some quick and dirty tips to make the move easier.

Have you already setup your T1 or phone lines with your telecommunications provider?

Many telecommunications companies require 45 days notice to install a new T1 line. Make arrangements with your telecommunications provider well in advance of your move!

How many voice & data drops will you need?

Sorry, quick lesson: A “drop” is one run of cable from a starting point (usually the place where servers are housed) to the end point (office or cubicle). Typically for each office/cubicle/workstation, you will need one drop for the phone line, and one for the computer. You should also take into account drops that are required for things like dedicated network printers and fax machines. Note that if working with a private office try to envision multiple areas a desk can be. You don’t want to have your desk stuck in a corner!

What type of construction is your new office space?

Is it a hard cap ceiling (i.e. like a ceiling in a typical house) or a drop ceiling (the panels that can be counted in a regular office space).

Once a cabling professional has physically surveyed your location, they will then take the information gathered to provide you with a quote. It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes from different vendors, as pricing can sometimes vary considerably depending upon the overhead and current workload of a particular cabling installation company.

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