What to Look For When Shopping Managed Services in San Antonio

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Expansive Inclusiveness

Managed services providers in San Antonio should offer services requisite to what you pay for them. You want an IT solution that includes monitoring as well as proactive solutions which fix problems when they arise. The best monitoring solutions can’t prevent all problems— Murphy’s Law is bound to make a cameo in your operations at some point. Other things to look for include:

  • Backup
  • Antivirus management
  • Fixed monthly rates facilitating predictable budgeting
  • Affordable monthly rates
  • Individualized approaches to managed solutions
  • Response time that is fast
  • Proper understanding of your business and its needs

Backup Solutions

Today, hacking is worse than ever. Your backup solution isn’t just a protection against computer problems— it’s also an insurance against your files being held for ransom. A BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) solution is basically like a compliment of digital secret service agents who surround the presidential data of your company. When a hacker tries to kidnap files, the BDR protects them from being taken. Basically, if all antivirus solutions fail, you just do a reboot from the time the ransomware was downloaded.

Antivirus Management

You’re going to need antivirus software, but if that software isn’t managed properly, clever hackers can bypass it by mimicking functionality. You’ve seen those movies where the adroit cat burglar uses a mirror to split a laser beam? Hackers have programming tricks that can metaphorically do the same. So you need dedicated management to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Fixed Monthly Rates

If you’ve got a break-fix model rather than service at a fixed fee, you’re going to end up paying more eventually, even if initially you seem to be saving money. With computer technology, the question isn’t “if,” it’s “when.” When will your computer be compromised either by being overloaded or compromised? With a fixed-fee, you’re covered for the term of your agreement and can budget that out at predictable annual intervals. If you’re paying a break-fix fee, then something could implode on you and cost tens of thousands of dollars out of the blue.

Affordable Monthly Rates

Managed services in San Antonio that are at a fixed fee which is exorbitant likewise won’t do you any good. You want something truly manageable.

Individualized Managed Services Approach

You want something that isn’t of that cookie-cutter kind which can’t critically work with unique systems. Be sure and ask a prospective provider whether or not their managed service approach features individualized services, or if it is standardized for all clients.

Expedited Responses

You should expect whatever managed service provider you go with to be on the scene quickly— that’s kind of a given. Look for customer reviews to determine this one; it can be difficult when you take it “straight from the horse’s mouth,” as the saying goes.

Proper Unique Business Understanding

Every business is different, and what you need is an MSP that can understand where your primary needs are, and prioritize accordingly. You may have to explain yourself, but you shouldn’t have to explain yourself twice.

Finding the Best Solution

Managed services in San Antonio through Rx Technology are designed to quickly deliver individualized, unique, comprehensive service to clients at a fixed monthly rate that is affordable. Contact us for managed solutions designed around your business.

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