What is bloatware?

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What is Bloatware?

Have you ever installed a program and it asked you to install a Yahoo! toolbar or QuickTime player? Gotten a new phone with a bunch of programs that you’ll never use? Then you already know what bloatware is!
Bloatware has been a problem on Windows PCs for years. Computer makers sell the hard drive space of new computers like ad space, which helps pad the manufacturer’s margins. Users don’t like it, of course, but by the time they see it they’ve already purchased the PC!
Eventually, the problem became severe enough to cause consumer backlash and as a result, bloatware has diminished over the last five years. You’ll still find it on many new computers, however, and it can be particularly annoying on budget systems, which are still likely to be a bloat-a-thon.

Do you have Bloatware? Here are a few ways Bloatware can be classified as:

1. An application that has overloaded features and thus, takes up too much RAM or CPU.
2. Applications that come pre-installed on an operating system.
3. Additional applications that vendors attempt to install when you download an application.
When we see a computer running slowly, one of the first few items we are going to look for is bloatware.​
Getting rid of bloat from your new laptop is great, but it doesn’t mean your battle is over. Bloat can easily be added after you purchase your PC and slowly choke its performance with background processes. These unwanted programs are also known as adware and spyware. They aren’t malware, but they can interrupt your computer’s normal function.
If you need help with any bloatware, please contact Rx Technology to set up a Free IT Consultation or give us a call at (800) 968-6081.


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