What are the Top Cyber Security Risks in San Antonio?

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cyber security San AntonioNowadays, most organizations are more concerned with digital theft than physical security breaches. Faulty data protection practices jeopardize the integrity of information and the well-being of the organization as a whole. Every company has an obligation to safeguard client information. The failure to protect such sensitive data could result in a nasty breach that drives current and prospective clients away. Furthermore, flawed data security practices jeopardize the service provider’s data to boot. Let’s take a look at some of the top data security concerns and how a reliable cyber security partner in San Antonio can help:

Account Management

It is imperative that organizations establish and document in-depth procedures and policies for the authorization, review, and removal of user access to data and systems. If these procedures are not established in a thoughtful and in-depth manner or if they lack the proper documentation, problems will inevitably arise.

Employees should not be permitted to share accounts, user names, passwords, or other login information. Furthermore, every employee should be required to change his password every couple of months at a bare minimum.

Plan Ahead for Disruptive Incidents

Assume that a security incident of some sort will occur in the future. It is imperative that your organization develops a formal plan for a prompt response to such an incident. These guidelines will allow for the timely resumption of business and computer processing in the aftermath of the interruption. If you are not sure as to what your response to disruptive incidents should be, rely on a trusted cyber security firm in San Antonio for backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Assign Security Responsibilities

Every business should assign security responsibilities to a particular individual who functions as a security administrator. Furthermore, there should be a formal program that trains staff on the essential components of security protocols. The program should also heighten awareness of security risks to boot.

The Implementation of a Data Management Program

A comprehensive program must be developed and established to ensure that important data is managed in a highly formal manner. At a bare minimum, a specific set of processes should be designed to guarantee that access to vital information will be available at all times. This program/process should be developed and implemented in a manner that ensures client privacy is maintained.

Contracts with Third-Parties

If an organization enters into a contract with a third-party service provider, the agreement should be structured in a manner that assures cyber protections will be implemented with the information the vendor has access to. It is also prudent to implement monitoring processes to guarantee third-party organizations adhere to the organization’s nuanced security standards.

We’re Here to Help

Most business owners and managers are not exactly sure how to implement the safeguards suggested above. If you are a bit overwhelmed and flustered by the challenges of digital security, don’t panic! At Rx Technology, our digital security experts are here to help fortify your digital defenses. Lean on our cyber security team in San Antonio to identify risks and implement safeguards so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us today for more information.

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