USB Type-C

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Quick USB History Lesson:

Currently, the USB most of us use is USB Type-A. From USB 1 to USB 3 devices all have one massive connector that only plugs in one way. We have to make sure it’s oriented the right way when we plug it in, same design, same fun problem. From that point other, smaller, devices that wanted to use USB had to adapt and become micro and mini connectors. This adaptation is what I like to call the “portable device shuffle” due to the collection of differently shaped connectors for different devices.

Now we have the release of USB Type-C, and its design couldn’t come at a more welcoming time. Some might remember the USB Type-C plug on the Nokia N1 back in 2014, but it was recently released on Apple’s new MacBook this year. USB Type-C is about 1/3 of the size of a USB Type-A plug making it very small. Small enough that every device should be able to use it. Thus translating into only have one, just ONE cable that will connect your device to a laptop, external hard drive and USB cell phone charger. A USB Type-C connector at one end can be an all in one connector.

Gone will be the days of multiple plug-in ports for multiple devices. Gone are the days of having to find the exact shape of port for multiple devices. Gone is the clutter of different USB cables of different connector shapes for various devices. Now we just wait for hopefully the USB Type-C will be adapted by every device, given time.

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