Understanding Server Virtualization with IT Support in San Antonio

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IT support San AntonioHow acquainted is your IT support in San Antonio with server virtualization? If you want to be ahead of the curve as far as security and efficiency are concerned, then server virtualization is the way to go. While the term has become more prominent in recent years, many businesses have yet to tap into this modern treasure of possibilities.

What is Server Virtualization and Why is it Important?

The reason server virtualization can enhance and protect your business is that it involves dividing a physical server into different segments. Each segment then becomes a separate virtual server for different functions, running its own operating system. One segment, for example, can be devoted to email, while another is for web applications and another is for archived data. You can dedicate as much memory as you want to each segment.

Your data is much safer using this type of segmentation because, in the unfortunate event that your system is breached, an attacker will not have access to your full server. It’s also a convenient way to organize your business, as each department can have its own section of the server, independent from other sections. That way, employees will only be able to access files that are relevant to their work.

Another major advantage of server virtualization is that you can run both Mac and Windows, so that the graphic arts department works on a Mac while the sales team works on Windows. You will be saving space, energy, and money since you will no longer have to purchase a separate physical server for each department. Since all the virtualized servers can be managed in one central place, it will simplify and speed up maintenance as well.

Dramatically Cut Costs

By using less physical server space, you will be saving money on hardware, energy, maintenance, and overhead. These savings are especially true in the summer when you won’t need as much air conditioning to keep computers cool. Fewer servers mean less heat as well. It’s actually possible to consolidate several servers into just a few physical machines that run multiple virtual servers. Due to less maintenance, you’ll be able to cut costs on IT support in San Antonio so that you can concentrate more on marketing.

Furthermore, virtualization will make upgrading and transferring files much easier. Even though each virtual server will be compartmentalized, it’s flexible to allow transferring files from one virtual server to another. This solution is ideal for companies planning on business growth without worrying about expensive scalability issues. Since most servers are underutilized anyway, this form of space consolidation will give you maximum server space efficiency.

Steps toward Virtualization

An experienced IT support team will be able to set up your virtual machines for you after you’ve planned your system strategy. Here are key steps involved with the setup process:

  1. Install servers and add virtual hosts
  2. Configure servers
  3. Add authorized administrators and set passwords
  4. Create new virtual machines and install operating systems
  5. Install performance monitoring tools
  6. Train employees


Consider upgrading your IT support in San Antonio and simplifying your infrastructure through server virtualization. To learn more about this highly efficient business solution, contact us at Rx Technology. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about achieving greater productivity with less hardware at a fraction of the cost.

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