Planning for a New Wi-Fi Business Network from Your IT Services Provider in San Antonio

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IT service San AntonioInternet access is an important element for your commercial computer network. Therefore, you should consider reviewing your Wi-Fi infrastructure and obtaining an upgrade from your IT services provider in San Antonio. In general, when Internet access fails or experiences lags, you will notice a significant decrease in productivity and subsequent loss in profit.

If you would like to ensure that your employees are performing at the peak, you should consider replacing your current Wi-Fi network components. This is particularly critical if you are still using your older devices to support connection to the Internet. Here are important aspects that you should think about when planning for this type of network upgrade:

Common Challenges in Commercial Wi-Fi Networks

There are some common challenges that both small and large companies experience with regard to commercial Wi-Fi systems. Your objective when installing your new network is to overcome these difficulties and achieve optimal efficiency in Internet connectivity. The major challenges that you should consider include:

  • Making sure that the Wi-Fi network will work efficiently on different devices, for different applications and in multiple locations within your business operation.
  • Ensuring that the network is secure. Unsecured Wi-Fi networks provide a point of vulnerability which hackers can exploit.
  • Making certain that the network can handle the demands of the workplace. The modern work environment utilizes numerous mobile devices, computers, and other items which require continuous connectivity.

The level of complexity of a wireless system which can overcome the outlined challenges is high. You cannot hope to get good results with a generic Wi-Fi solution. Therefore, it is crucial to engage a skilled and experienced IT services provider in San Antonio for the project. They will provide a wireless design and systems which match your exact commercial needs.

Critical Considerations in a Wireless Design

You should know the important factors that will affect the design of your wireless system. First, the network must match the mobile devices, computers and other components which will be connected. Second, the design should take into account the potential applications of the network as well as the user density. Third, there must be a careful evaluation on how to maintain security because both personal and business devices will be connected. You should discuss these details with your IT support provider extensively before commissioning the wireless design and construction.

Benefits of Predictive Wireless Design over Generalized Network Design

In ideal circumstances, you should choose a predictive wireless design for the development of your new Wi-Fi network. This process allows your technician to evaluate your business center extensively and set-up a network which will deliver the best connectivity. The predictive design uses different customized criteria to find an ideal way to set up the new system.

For example, a predictive design will take into account the potential sources of interference, the building construction materials and the dimensions of the commercial property. Generalized network design uses tools such as free Wi-Fi design software, so the level of personalization is low. Consequently, the performance of the new network will be less-than-ideal.

To learn more about your best business Wi-Fi options from IT services providers in San Antonio, consult our skilled and experienced network technicians at Rx Technology today.

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