Outsourced IT Services in San Antonio at a Flat Rate Has Many Advantages

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Flat-Rate IT is Superior to Break/Fix Models

IT service San AntonioAn IT services package in San Antonio that includes flat-rate delivery will save time and money, pure and simple. If you’re unfamiliar with flat-rate solutions, it’s possible you’ve been using a break/fix IT provider. The break/fix solution charges you a monthly fee to retain services. When something “breaks,” they send vendors in who repair it. The repairs vary depending on the severity of the break. Since there are multiple individuals involved in the repair, it takes longer, has more paperwork involved, and costs more. Meanwhile, flat-rate solutions charge businesses a monthly fee which remains constant, and proactively maintain IT solutions such that most breakdowns are avoided. When they can’t be, the monthly fee covers the cost of repair.

Advantages of Flat-Rate Solutions

Three primary advantages of flat-rate solutions include:

  • Predictable Expenses
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Continuous IT Monitoring and Availability

When expenses are consolidated under a single monthly charge, it becomes the prerogative of the IT group involved to ensure no breakdown takes place. This means continuous monitoring is built into their service delivery model. Usually, such options are more likely to have an accessible help desk, too, because that’s tied to the necessary monitoring involved.

Now, the reason expenses are reduced by a firm offering IT services in San Antonio at a flat rate is a little bit more abstract. Following is a common analogy, but it does a good job of demonstrating the reality. Say you’ve got a car or some other vehicle and you never change the oil in it. What’s going to happen? The oil will become sludgy in the engine, pressure will mount, components will break, and eventually, the engine seizes up and you’ve got to total the car out. Here’s the thing: if you’ve got a car that’s been designed well enough, you may be able to run it without changing the oil near 100,000 miles. But at that point, the engine stops working, and your car is fried. Meanwhile, if you change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you can keep that vehicle running 300,000 miles or more. To wit, three times as long.

So, let’s do a little math. $40 per oil change every 3,000 miles becomes $4,000 over 300,000 miles, or approximately $1,333.33 per 100,000 miles. If a car that averages 100,000 miles without an oil change has a minimum value of $5,000, then you spend 3.75 times as much as you should for the same use you’d get just changing its oil– -when the car breaks down, you’ve got to buy a new one.

These numbers translate to modern technology solutions. If you have a break/fix model, you’re buying new tech systems more frequently than you must. If you have a flat-rate plan, it’s like changing the technological “oil” of your IT solution regularly. Sure, there’s cost involved, but by paying it, you save over time.

Expanding Your Brand

IT services in San Antonio through Rx Technology is provided through a flat-rate model that saves time and money. It takes time to install a new system when you could have kept the old one going. Contact us to consolidate expenses and increase the ability of your business to expand.

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