Network Maintenance: Why You Should Choose Managed Services in San Antonio

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managed services San AntonioThere are different options to consider if you are planning on upgrading your business’ IT network maintenance practices. One of the most advantageous choices for ideal long-term results is using managed services in San Antonio. When you choose managed services over alternatives such as in-house management, you will outsource the network maintenance and security processes as well as other information technology functions and responsibilities to an expert MSP. Here is a short outline of the benefits that you will attain by choosing managed IT services.

Better Network Security

The most important aspect of commercial network maintenance is security. There are numerous threats in the form of computer viruses, worms, spyware, and ransomware, as well as social engineering attacks. Proper security will ensure the safety of your data and prevent associated losses. If you choose in-house network management for your business, you can only rely on firewalls and anti-malware. While these are good measures, they are not infallible in a hacking attack. With managed services, you will get monitoring of your network around the clock in addition to passive security measures. The outsourced technicians will be able to take an active role in case of an attack and prevent any losses.

Improved Productivity

You should think about choosing managed services in San Antonio for improved productivity and reduced downtime in your operation. When you have outsourced IT technicians, you will be able to free up your in-house employees for core company processes. Often, if a business relies on in-house network maintenance, some human resources must be dedicated to tasks such as software upgrades, log management, and troubleshooting and repair. MSPs will perform these tasks on your behalf without interfering significantly with your normal operations. In addition, since the network is constantly monitored, most problems which arise will be resolved quickly before you even notice their existence.

Reduced IT Costs

The cost of good network maintenance and security can be high for an independent organization or SMB. There are different types of technological assets required in form of hardware and software as well as talent. If you choose managed services, you will not need to make an investment into these essential products. Consequently, your initial and long-term expenses will be considerably low. You will also need to plan for your finances more effectively because the service subscription fees are fixed. In simple terms, your business will be charged a predetermined fee and this will cover all the IT services required during the period of the contract.

Advanced IT Solutions

MSPs are companies which are in place to provide IT services for businesses. Therefore, they have the most advanced solutions in the industry, particularly in comparison to most in-house IT technicians. Typically, the outsourced service provider will have a team of specialized experts with knowledge in certain aspects of network management. Moreover, the MSP will invest in new hardware and software technology because this contributes to the success of their company. Your business will be able to partake of these benefits without the expected high expenses.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of managed services in San Antonio for your company, consult our expert technicians at Rx Technology today.

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