Managed Services Providers in San Antonio Can Deliver the MSSP Solutions You Need

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What Is An MSSP?

managed services San AntonioManaged services providers in San Antonio often incorporate MSSP services which are integral to small and large businesses alike. MSP stands for “Managed Service Provider,” while MSSP means “Managed Security Service Provider.” Most MSPs provide MSSP service. This service is a very important component of your IT environment, even if it doesn’t seem to be at first. You’ve got to understand that being hacked isn’t always something you can see. This may sound disgusting, but sometimes you can get infected with a tapeworm through bad water or food, and not know it until it comes time to “pass” it. Tapeworms don’t always have noticeable symptoms. Many times, you’ll be hacked in a similar way. Through an “infected” e-mail, you may click on something or download something which allows your information to be monitored and parsed through by hackers without your knowledge.

This won’t cause your business any problems until the hacker decides to strike, and then you could face enough difficulties that further profitable operation becomes impossible. If you think you’re not at risk, consider that 50% of small businesses have been the target of a cyberattack. Obviously, one in two businesses aren’t failing up and down the business district of your city or town, so what this means is that many of those “cyberattacks” are like digital tapeworms: they go unnoticed for a very long time.

Features of Desirable Security Solutions

Managed services providers in San Antonio that offer MSSP services can help prevent cyber attacks through concerted security measures. These will oftentimes include things like:

  • Proactive Security
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Malware
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Backup and Data Recovery Solutions

The right MSSP solutions will have proactive monitoring which ensures that data is being uploaded, downloaded, and utilized as intended. Such services specifically look for anomalies which indicate some form of hacking. Oftentimes, hack attacks will come through subtle intrusive areas like spam.

Spam can include malware downloads which are dressed up to look like other items. Sometimes, you’ll download a video player that is, in fact, a Trojan or a virus of some kind. Sometimes, you’ll download an attachment which deigns to be some social media something-or-other, but is, in reality, ransomware. With a proactive team taking care of your business operations’ security, you can avoid being backhanded by shrouded malware attack. This is going to require more dedicated support than most small businesses can muster, however. Even if they can find this support locally, it’s usually more cost-effective to go through an MSP.

MSPs can offer cloud-based BDR, or Backup and Data Recovery, solutions. Such solutions make it so that you’re able to get systems online even if an attack sneaks through security screens of a dedicated provider. Remember: hackers are usually intelligent, and make their living via critical thought and invasion of systems designed to keep them out. Even top-tier government-run security solutions get hacked. Consider the 2016 presidential election if you don’t believe that. With BDR, you can retain operations even should the worst-case scenario undermine your security.

Dependable Solutions

At RX Technology, we offer managed services in San Antonio featuring proactive support and BDR solutions to protect your operations against any hostile security breach. Contact us to secure your business.

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