Managed Services Business Advice in San Antonio: Why It’s Important to Have a Clear Process

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Managed services providers in San Antonio often work with business owners who are struggling to grow because they do not have clear business processes they follow. They may have identified goals they want to reach or levels of growth they want to achieve, but they’ve not worked out the steps it will take to get there.

If you do not have set processes for your businesses, you will experience issues when you bring in new staff, when you run into client problems, or when unforeseen curveballs get thrown your way. Wondering what types of processes you should implement in your business? Here are four to start with:

Delegation and Automation Processes

Many managed services providers in San Antonio meet business owners and managers who try to do everything on their own. They attempt to make the sales, manage the money, hire new talent, and even perform their own payroll. Though this may work when a business is new, it’s destined to bring the business down as growth occurs.

Knowing which tasks can be delegated to others in the company or outsourced and knowing which tools can be used to automate tasks such as payroll are important steps to success. There should be a set process laying out which jobs are kept in-house, which are turned over to outside companies, and which are performed by the owner.

Growth Process

Many business owners have growth goals, but they don’t have the processes in place to get there. This can lead to two problems: lackluster growth that does not meet goals or explosive growth that quickly gets out of control and overwhelms the team.

All businesses need a set process for how they will achieve and handle growth. This should include when budgets will increase to hire new talent, new equipment or hardware that needs to be purchased and at what stage of growth, and when to reassess if goals are not being met.

Marketing Process

Marketing is a key aspect of your growth and you need a set process to get your name out there and attract clients. A marketing process starts with a budget and ends with goals. The steps in between are where many businesses fail. Have you identified your target market? Where does this market get most of their buying cues? Should you focus on online marketing or do they tend to react more to newspapers, billboards, or radio? Throwing money away on marketing efforts without a set process will never deliver the results you need.

Crisis Management Process

Many businesses get along just fine until a crisis hits. This could come in the form of a mass exodus of staff, an unhappy client, or a network failure. Having a set process on how these are handled is crucial to the integrity of your business. Identify who needs to be told when a problem arises, the steps you will take to remedy it, and how to figure out what went wrong so that you can ensure it does not happen again.

Managed services providers in San Antonio know that the right processes will keep your business running smoothly and facilitate growth. For a trusted provider of tried and tested services, contact us at Rx Technology today.

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