Managed Security Services

Whether you’re a Medical office looking to achieve your periodic network HIPAA compliance scans, network security monitoring for suspicious anomalies, or just wanting to complete your PCI compliance auditing and documentation Rx Technology has you covered.  

We offer a suite of products that can be used for ongoing compliance checks or simple network health reviews every 90 days.  With the progression of data breaches and the leap in size and scope of data being stolen over the last two years it’s becoming more important than ever to protect your business information and detect breaches as soon as possible.  Mitigating the damage is much easier if you are constantly scouring server files and potential vulnerabilities.  Much like fraud detection Rx Technology will watch your network for unusual activity and create tickets to close down any potential holes in your network to prevent unauthorized access.  

Rx Technology also offers a training course for all customers to include security email testing for employees that not only tests them but trains them so they become more efficient at detecting suspicious emails and files early on.  Within 180 days our success rate with email avoidance training is 99% or above!