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You’ve Got the Cloud: Now What?

San Antonio IT supportSan Antonio IT support firms provide cloud computing options today, and businesses who haven’t gotten on board are definitely using a competitive edge. As a result, most businesses are making the switch. By now, it’s very likely you’ve acquired some cloud solution, or if you haven’t, you’re seriously considering it. Well, there are some things cloud computing solutions should do, at a minimum, to be worth what you’re paying for them. These include:

  • Properly maintained infrastructure
  • Managed cloud security
  • Support for cloud end-users
  • Monitored cloud support
  • Update of internal policies and procedures


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be reviewed regularly to ensure that cloud providers are accountable. What you’re looking for is a clear picture of the elements involved in infrastructure, so that you know when your provider is or isn’t living up to the standard they should. Whatever cloud provider you go with should give you an accurate description and depiction of services rendered. You should know which aspects of infrastructure are your responsibility, and which are on the shoulders of the cloud provider you’re employing.

Cloud Security

A San Antonio IT support company offering cloud computing solutions will often be able to give you better security than internally sourced solutions can, and there are a number of reasons for this. Cloud computing options can backup data automatically and continuously, and “reboots,” should they become necessary, are near instantaneous. Furthermore, the landscape of security is in continuous flux, which means if you don’t have a cloud solution, you’ll likely be in an area of “static” provision which won’t be ahead of the curve as necessary. The cloud solution you choose should be continuously improving and upgrading its security delivery and maintenance protocols.

End User Support

If those who use services of the cloud at the endpoint can’t access the necessary solutions a cloud provider has been hired to provide, you’ve got a problem. Your end users should be able to reach out to the cloud providers and get necessary assistance with ease. Some cloud solutions will leave that responsibility to internal IT teams, others will have an available help desk. Know what options your provider has, and choose a provider who can best serve your company if your current one isn’t up to snuff.

Monitored Support

Your network should be monitored so that issues are nipped in the bud when they crop up and avoided if possible. There should be some facility of reporting with regards to uptime and downtime. This will help give you an idea as to whether your business costs are being properly managed or not, and whether you’re spending money unnecessarily or not. You’re looking for increased uptime and decreased downtime from the right kind of cloud support.

Updates as Necessary

Your business is a growing entity. Again, it’s not static. You’re going to have changes in policy and the procedures which define operations. Those changes shouldn’t be unmanageable for your cloud provider.

An Actionable Cloud Provider in Your Region

San Antonio IT support through Rx Technology has been designed to facilitate increased uptime, monitored support, end user support, continuously developing security, streamlined infrastructural maintenance, forward development strategy, and generally cutting-edge cloud solutions. Contact us for dependable cloud computing implementation.

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