Learn the Importance of Firewalls from a Managed Services Provider in San Antonio!

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managed services San AntonioAdvanced network security is crucial for every modern business because there are numerous cyber security threats out there. Therefore, you should consider using firewall from a managed services provider in San Antonio for your business. A firewall can be defined as a security system which is designed to control and monitor the traffic coming in and going out of your computer network. In simple terms, it establishes a protective barrier around the network.

In general, you can choose to install simple firewall systems or use managed firewalls in your company. The former are passive firewalls in form of software or in some cases, hardware devices to limit threats. On the other hand, a managed firewall is a specialized IT service which is concerned with the configuration, installation, and administration of the firewall systems. Consider these benefits of choosing a managed firewall for your commercial network:

Better Network Security

Managed firewalls provide enhanced security, particularly in comparison to passive systems. This higher level of efficacy can be attributed to the active administration of the firewall system by IT experts. When the barrier is passive, hackers will find a technique which they can use to constantly hammer and wear down the firewall. However, when you use managed services, there will be active monitoring and analysis of the network traffic. If the IT experts notice that there is unusual traffic, they will take steps to reinforce the wall and handle the threat.

Custom Specifications

Generic firewalls in commercial networks fail to provide optimal protection because they are designed to provide general protection. Simply speaking, your entire network will be secured to some extent but a serious attack targeted against an area of weakness will not be deterred. With managed firewall services, you can have your MSP customize the firewall to match the unique needs of your company. The technicians can scan for vulnerabilities and secure the area to prevent breaches in the future. In addition, if there is a specific policy that you would like to enforce especially with regard to the Internet, the firewall can be configured to provide the barrier.

Reduced Costs

The cost of protecting your company from cyber threats can be high because you would have to invest in numerous forms of detection and prevention software and hardware. With a managed firewall system, you can significantly reduce your total expenses. Typically, you will not have to purchase the firewall devices and the associated software. The entire firewall system will be owned and maintained by your managed services provider in San Antonio. In addition, the use of monitored services eliminates the need for expensive intrusion detection and prevention systems which are expensive.

Increased Productivity

When you choose to use a passive, independent firewall system, you will need to dedicate some of your company’s resources to its maintenance. For example, you will need periodic updates, troubleshooting, and even repairs. This means precious human resources will be drawn from core operations, lowering the total productivity of your business. Managed services will allow you to focus on your company’s competencies while your IT support crew deals with your firewall.

If you are interested in learning more about managed firewall and how it can help safeguard your business, we at Rx Technology can be of service. We offer various managed services for San Antonio businesses like yours. Contact us and let us protect your business today!

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