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Are you tired of waiting on hold or waiting days for responses to your I.T. issues and questions?

If the answer is yes, it’s time that you give us a call. While we do handle a lot of tasks proactively to prevent problems in the first place, there will be times when you have questions about how to work within an application or how to handle an issue that you are experiencing. Sometimes you might just have a question you need answered quickly so you can continue your work. No matter what you need, we answer the phone quickly and provide the answers or solutions you were looking for. Our average hold time for all calls, regardless of criticality, is under 1 minute! All of our engineers are certified and experienced, so you know you will get a competent technician to help you.

Get a reduced cost from inactive employees on hold

When people are waiting on hold for support, they often cannot be productive. We reduce this cost by providing super-fast response times of typically under 1 minute. Because we staff through scientific metrics instead of gut decisions, we are able to ensure that we always have enough well trained engineers on staff and available to service our clients that keeps pace with our growth. We have this down to a science!

Spend less time explaining your environment to engineers

In any industry, quality of service always stems from the philosophy from which it is originated. It is our philosophy that documentation is king and no one person should have all the details in their head. We assign a lead engineer to your account that is responsible for keeping documentation up to date, providing training, and assisting other engineers with environmental questions. 

Reduce expenses incurred from extended I.T. outages

Responding to our customers fast is one thing, resolving their issues fast is another. Trained and certified engineers are readily available and capable of resolving the most difficult of issues quickly. Our engineers have certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware or Citrix just to name a few. The engineering group collectively has many current certifications.

Gain peace of mind knowing that we have your I.T. under control

Proving that your mind is at ease might be difficult, but giving you the proof that it should be is not. We provide you with reports and statistics on your network along with a technical and managerial review each month or more frequent if you require it. The reports can be in a simple overview format or a more technical detailed format. In either case, you will have the evidence that your network is in good health.

Spend less time and money searching for other service providers.

Every company must have reliable and secure backups of their data, but accomplishing that is no easy task. It requires a great deal of process engineering, active monitoring, and management of those backups. Most internal I.T. teams and managed services providers rely on emails from backup software. The problem is that when the emails stop working, they do not get a failure notification and engineers often do not notice that the emails have stopped coming. Relying solely on emails when it comes to data backups is a disaster waiting to happen.

Save money and aggravation caused by finger pointing from service providers

Have you ever been in the middle of the blame game when trying to manage a bunch of service providers? How much time did you waste trying to prove where the problem was? One of the most frequent complaints we hear about our competition is that they never really own an issue and instead play the blame game. We don’t believe in the blame game. The buck stops here and we own the issue. If an issue has to do with another provider, we call them on your behalf. We own it. We don’t pass it along to them. We see it through to resolution.

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Rx Technology is committed to providing dependable Computer Services to growing businesses in San Antonio. Our scalable Network Support can help you realize greater success and achieve more, with improved efficiency and organization.

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