IT Services Providers in San Antonio are Playing a Key Role in Protecting Their Clients Against Emergent Threats

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IT services providers in San Antonio are essential in ensuring your technology operation remains safe from hack attacks that can damage a brand on multiple fronts. There are monetary losses when income is funneled off to an overseas account, or some other means of asset redistribution facilitated by a hacker. There are proprietary secrets which are lost, and then there’s the perception of the public to consider. When information can’t be safeguarded, the public is less likely to trust a company with their sensitive data, meaning continuous sales’ decrease. All that isn’t to mention the loss in device utility through malware which clogs up the works. So, in order to protect against all these things, first: you need to know where the malware comes from; second: you need to know what can be done to protect against it. To that end, four known areas of compromise include:

  • Mobile applications
  • Aging operating systems (primarily Windows, but Apple OS’ aren’t immune)
  • IoT expansion without requisite security
  • Social networking

Mobile Compromise

Here’s what happens: you download an application from a third party— it seems innocent enough! It’s just some knock-off Tetris or Bubble Breaker app, maybe even some third-party coupon-sourcing app. Nothing goes wrong for months, then suddenly everything goes haywire. Why? Malware is hidden in the third party developer’s app, and that’s its true reason for existence. It’s essentially a Trojan. That’s to say: it exists to usher in a hidden attack. When your business uses BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) procedures, you’re at increased risk for compromise, because mobile devices like tablets and laptops are more likely to have apps, which usher in the malware, which then transitively spreads through your entire network. Then a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack holds all your systems for hostage against a ransom.

Aging Operating Systems

Windows operating systems are much more at risk for this because they’re more ubiquitous and, thus, more attractive to hackers. But Apple isn’t without its malware— it’s just that such malware has greater subtlety. Upgrading systems can help ensure your operations don’t get hacked due to obsolete software being less able to repel the attacks of modern software solutions. A reliable IT services provider in San Antonio can help advise your operations which needs to be upgraded, is upgraded, and which doesn’t necessarily require upgrade— but could benefit from protection— likewise experiences the requisite security measures.

Insecure IoT

The Internet of Things is here. Right now, it’s in its puberty stage, but pretty soon, it will be a full-grown technological force internationally. But since it’s still new, many businesses large and small apply this tech without safeguarding it at all, and so leave themselves wide open to compromising attacks. You should have consultation inform your IoT induction such that proper security silhouettes all such upgrades.

Social Networking

The worst part about this one is that so much business is done through social media today, you can’t just bar it from operations in most cases. Again, professional assistance in protocol development and safeguarding can assist in ensuring safety here.

Preventative Security

IT services offerings in San Antonio through Rx Technology are designed to proactively protect against these and other security threats. Contact us for reliable security solutions.

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