Is Your Small Business Underfunding Cyber Security in San Antonio?

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As cyber security in San Antonio becomes more of a concern, it may be surprising that many small to medium-sized businesses are underfunding their own security initiatives. Do you find that you are continually funneling budget dollars away from cyber security and into other parts of your business? Do you know you need to beef up your security but simply don’t know how? If you are a small to medium business owner, you need to focus on security for the safety of your company and your clients.

Why You May Underfund It

There are numerous reasons why SMBs underfund their cyber security in San Antonio. They include:

  • Lack of funds – If your business is operating on a shoestring budget, you might think you can’t afford the security measures needed to keep your network safe. When it comes down to paying the rent or paying for a new firewall, the decision often feels out of an owner’s hands.
  • You don’t think they’re vulnerable – Some small business owners are still under the impression that hackers and other cyber criminals only target large businesses or corporations. They think they can get away with underfunding their security because they aren’t a prime target.
  • You don’t even realize you’ve underfunded it – If you don’t keep up with the latest threat landscape or work with a cyber security professional, you may not even be aware that you are vulnerable. In this era, a firewall and anti-virus is simply not enough to protect you.

Why it’s Important Not To

While all of the above reasons make sense, it’s important to realize that none of them are valid. Here are some reasons why it’s critical to re-think your cyber security budget:

  • You can’t afford not to – If you don’t have enough money in your budget to put proper security in place, where will you get the money when a hacker brings down your entire system or steals all of your customer data? Small business owners need to know the danger of not securing their networks and realize that this is one area where sacrifices cannot be made.
  • Small businesses are prime targets for cyber criminals – As larger corporations implement more sophisticated security measures, hackers are turning more and more to the small businesses that have fewer defenses. This means that, no matter how small your business is, you are a target.
  • Awareness is key – Sticking your head in the sand and believing you’re safe is dangerous. You need to be aware of the threats that exist and the dangers they pose for your business and for your customers or clients. Do some research. Talk with those in the cyber security industry. Once you become aware of the threats, you can start putting the proper measures in place.

Cyber security in San Antonio does not just apply to large businesses and corporations. Small to medium-sized businesses need to realize how much danger they are putting themselves and their customers in when they underfund their cyber security measures. For a trusted company offering cyber security, among other IT services, contact us at Rx Technology today.

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