How to Improve Cyber Security in San Antonio with Network Monitoring

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Network security monitoring can play a valuable role for cyber security in San Antonio. A recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that 80% of 200 IT and cybersecurity professionals agreed that network security monitoring is a critical component to their security strategy. These results mark a significant change from the past when such monitoring wasn’t viewed as important. Here’s a deeper look at how monitoring services are valuable to protecting your network.

Reasons for Network Monitoring

Monitoring network traffic involves analysis of a vast amount of data generated from users, their locations, and the types of devices they use. It allows you to observe differences between normal and abnormal traffic. Here are key reasons why IT teams use network security monitoring:

  • Proactive network querying to look for suspicious activity
  • Hunting for uncommon traffic nuances
  • Understanding where traffic is coming from
  • Detecting the devices that traffic is flowing through
  • Identifying external IP addresses where traffic arrives

Hunting for suspicious behavior is one of the most common reasons for utilizing security monitoring of networks. Larger companies are increasingly using these services for this purpose. Many chief information security officers and other analysts are naturally curious where traffic originates and the devices it flows through, as well as the IP addresses it is heading toward. With appropriate tools, it’s possible to go one step further and fix problems, such as blocking abnormal users, locations, and devices.

How IT Teams Can Effectively Monitor Networks

Your cyber security team in San Antonio can detect cybercriminals or other unwanted users on the network. They can initially configure which users and devices have permission to access the network. When unknown visitors show up on the network they can immediately block them if they have the right technology to do so.

As network security monitoring becomes more sophisticated, it requires more help from experienced IT professionals. The ESG survey found that 72% of respondents said network security monitoring is much more complex today than it was a few years ago. One explanation for this complexity is the growth of malware over that period. Another reason is the increase in network traffic.

A major challenge for IT professionals is to overcome network blind spots. While they work on certain areas of the network, they cannot see other areas where trouble may arise. Another challenge for IT is learning to improve communication effectiveness between cybersecurity technicians and network operators.

Many times the wrong data is collected. In order for the process to be effective, IT teams must use the right tools for collecting the right data at the right time. Integrating proper network technology with other security systems is central for effective telemetry.

Steps CISOs Can Take to Improve Monitoring

  1. Decide the types of technology needed for effective monitoring
  2. Make sure tools are capable of monitoring cloud activity
  3. Check with telecom providers and partners for tools that allow exchanging data
  4. Become familiar with tools and monitoring processes
  5. Establish success metrics for security analytics


Proper technology, timing, and use of data are major concerns for cyber security experts in San Antonio when it comes to network security monitoring. Contact us at Rx Technology to learn more about how you can improve threat intelligence so that you can spend more time focusing on your business.

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