Municipal IT Services

Rx Technology has been in business over 20 years in San Antonio. We have serviced countless organizations both large and small, private and public with both complex and simple networks. We are fully staffed with Engineers, a help desk that is located in the middle of San Antonio, a very experienced management team and a direct link to our ownership.

We are currently working with several Cities and Towns and can provide recommendation letters to show how satisfied ALL of the individuals within the organization have been with our service.

We know the importance of a 24x7 Dispatch. We have an on call schedule to ensure that if the dispatch team experiences outages on the weekends or night, we are prepared to step in and address them immediately. We are CJIS certified and have never failed a DPS audit with our clients.

We always provide several options to accomplish any IT initiative as well as explaining the positives and negatives of each solution. We know that budgets are tight and will do our absolute best to squeeze every nickel of value out of any solution we propose. Every solution we propose is also analyzed to ensure it will be in place for the longest period of time possible, thus maximizing budget efforts for years to come.

We highly recommend our Platinum Managed Service Package as it flattens the IT support budget to a 1 time fee each month. It allows us to provide the maximum level of service. Our goal is to PREVENT issues before they arise. If we are up to date on patches, security, updates etc….then we can limit issues that would otherwise appear.