Find an IT Support Provider in San Antonio to Handle Your IT for a Flat Fee

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It wasn’t that long ago that the market for companies was very straightforward and quite scary, to say the least, about IT support in San Antonio. You’d be operating your business, and by accident, something would go wrong with your IT infrastructure and you’d have to call a professional to get things fixed. You’d have to bring them in and pay them hourly— all to get your company back up and running the way that it was before. This proved to be problematic. Why would you pay hourly when you can pay a managed service provider one fixed fee to do the same?

Consistent Repair Costs

No company has the capital they need to be able to take on any repair need that comes their way. There needs to be some financial planning when it comes to IT support in San Antonio so that when something goes wrong, you’re prepared to be able to handle the bill.

The way that things used to work with hourly support providers would be that repair costs would vary widely. You could have no costs one month and then tens of thousands the next month, only because your hardware suffered due to some unforeseen circumstance. When you pay one flat fee, it’s much more consistent in what you’re paying.

Better Customer Service

Managed service providers that are being paid a flat fee are going to be that much more coherent and seek excellence in the customer service space. The better they do to stay proactive with your IT infrastructure, the less they’re going to have to do from a repair perspective.

They’ll also be on the call so that you know you’re getting the same managed service provider everytime something goes wrong. Reach out to an hourly provider of IT support, and you won’t know who’s going to answer the phone. You could end up with a different professional each and every time. When you’re contracted with a managed service provider that can do the work for you for a flat fee, you’ll get the same level of customer service every time.


It’s also good to have someone who’s going to be familiar with your hardware and IT setup. When you call them if something goes wrong with a server, for example, they’re going to know what to look for and be able to react more quickly. Familiarity can lead to less downtime for your business.

The time has come to take control of your IT infrastructure. Why are you still paying hourly for your managed service provider to do what they should be doing to keep your company running? They should be working for you with a flat rate that helps you better stay in line with your budget. Contact us at Rx Technology today and we can help you get on the road to a flat-rate IT support in San Antonio from here on out.

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