Fiber Optics

RX Technology provides Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions for your company’s network. Our trained and certified staff is available to recommend any solutions that your business might need.

Our Services are Guaranteed

  • Project Managers

  • BISCI trained and certified.

  • Hazards and safety standards

  • Advanced technology

  • BISCI Installer Fiber


  • Cables

  • Patch Panels

  • Termination Boxes

Fiber Optic Benefits

  • Speed: Fiber Optic operates at high speeds.

  • Symmetrical Bandwidth:  greater distance transmission and are fairly easy to maintain

  • Secure: Fiber optic is surrounded by Glass and is the most secure. It is the best choice for Manufacturing or Industrial Companies due to no electromagnetic Interference

  • Privacy: No other business is attached to your connection

RX Technology is a leading provider of Fiber Optic Cabling design, installation and maintenance services. Our project management team documents all cable management procedures and ensures optimum performance. Our expertly trained and certified project managers and technicians assure the most rigorous industry standards.