Disaster Recovery: An Essential Component of IT Support in San Antonio in 2017

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Avoiding Disaster

When you are in the market for IT support in San Antonio, finding a Disaster recovery RX Techrobust disaster recovery solution is high on your wish list. When it comes to IT, you’re going to have software and hardware failures, period. It doesn’t matter how proactive and effective your solutions are, Murphy’s Law will make a cameo at some point during operations. And it’s generally not going to happen the same way twice. Losses requiring disaster recovery solutions happen for many reasons, including:

•    Natural Disasters (Read: “Act of God”)
•    Human Error
•    Concerted Cybercrime Attack
•    Corporate Espionage
•    Installation/Upgrade Disconnect
•    Data Overload

Certainly, IT support in San Antonio isn’t likely to encounter the kind of adverse weather other parts of the country will, but tornadoes aren’t out of the question, especially considering that Kansas and Oklahoma to the north regularly experience such cyclones. Collateral weather systems that spin off hurricanes often assail San Antonio as well.

Beyond that, you’ve got natural mistakes which happen at the hands of professional tech people and novice employees alike. If a newly-hired employee opens the wrong e-mail and clicks on the wrong link, your systems could be subject to ransomware attack. There could be a miscommunication between management and tech support which results in an upgrade when a download is in process, “freezing” your internal servers and requiring a reboot.

Then there are concerted exterior attacks from dedicated hackers, which, if your business experiences them, could likely have some corporate espionage component. Also, when you’re installing new systems or upgrading existing ones, you’re more vulnerable to tech troubles.

Sometimes, companies with a web presence will additionally experience traffic their systems aren’t configured to sustain. New startups that takeoff have encountered this problem before.

Facilitating Protections

In order to properly protect yourself against operational exigencies of this type, you want to have modernized backup and disaster recovery solutions. Some of the best today are provided through cloud-computing solutions which utilize professionally-maintained, remote server arrays. In this sense, “remote” means not located on-site. When you’re using cloud computing solutions, you’re working with an organization that has made it their business to maintain servers operating at peak technological capacity to handle the needs of multiple clients. As a result, there’s decreased tendency for human error, as overcoming this difficulty is part of a cloud provider’s business model.

Also, cloud computing solutions are cost-effective. With an on-site backup or data recovery solution, you’ll have to purchase the backup system, install the backup system, maintain the backup system, and upgrade the backup system. This requires dedicated staff, which means you’ve additionally got the cost of more employees to consider. With cloud solutions, you get the same utility without the same expense. Instead of the continuous investment involved in an on-site backup and data recovery fix, you’ve just got a monthly or annual charge (depending on the service you use).

Medicating Your IT

At RX Technology, we’ve got backup and data recovery solutions that are “good for what ails you,” as the saying goes. When you’re looking for IT support in San Antonio designed to cost-effectively cover your bases, going with backup and data recovery fixes from RX can save you time, money, and aggravation. Contact us for cutting-edge tech solutions.

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