CIO’s Should Not worry about Outsourcing IT Services to San Antonio IT Providers

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The $64,000 Question

IT services San AntonioWhen it comes to outsourcing IT Services in San Antonio, the $64,000 question is: are the CIO’s worries justified? Well, you need to understand CIO’s worry about most. In any organization, the Chief Information Officer is apt to make many of the decisions pertaining to technology. They’re going to look into which equipment should be purchased, when to upgrade, how to upgrade, what budgetary constraints will determine a given business’s options when it comes to new technology— all that kind of information. Generally, such individuals have very specific ideas when it comes to technology and don’t want anyone to infringe on their ability to operate within a given company. As a result, outsourced computer solutions are often anathema to the CIO. There are a few reasons for this:

One, the outsourced solution can provide technology to clients within their budgetary contraints. That means the latest tech developments are available often at a monthly, predictable, recurring fee. Cloud computing and IoT applications come to mind, as do BDR (backup and data recovery) solutions. So, a CIO who made recommendations against certain technology based on its inherent cost to the company suddenly has egg on his face. Really, he or she made a good call— the truth is many tech solutions aren’t cost-effective for many business who are looking to acquire that technology. However, when it comes to sourcing IT Services in San Antonio from an outsourced provider, it’s their responsibility to remain cutting-edge so they can provide the utility of such technology to clients without clients having to fully purchase it. Accordingly, the CIO looks bad, even though he’s arguing for full retention of services rather than basically “renting” them.

Justifying CIOs and Outsourced Solutions

The key to justifying outsourced computer support with an internal CIO is to understand where this individual is coming from and why. Oftentimes, the CIO is afraid that his or her superiors will find what they perceive to be “better” services through an exterior tech agency, and then, that CIO’s job is gone. What they may not realize is that it’s always very valuable to have a sort of liaison within a company to go between company heads and outsourced service provision. This individual has the company’s interests in mind and not those of the outsourced tech solution.

Additionally, you want to be on the watch for MSPs who are trying to snake out the CIO’s job from underneath him. That does happen and it’s bad for the CIO, as well as for your company. Without some quality control— some supervision from within— outsourced organizations could undermine you through dint of dependence. The key is finding organizations that understand the value of an on-site CIO and are willing to work harmoniously with that individual, rather than try to overtake his or her position.

Recommendable Outsourced IT

When you go that route, you can really get the best of both worlds. Some things to look for include:

  • Proactive monitoring and support
  • Cloud computing services
  • Backup and data recovery
  • IT consultation
  • Network security

For these services, one of the better options for IT Services in San Antonio is Rx Technology. We offer top-tier support designed to help you streamline your business, not fundamentally rearrange it. When you’re happy, were happy— everybody wins! Contact us today to learn more.

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