Can Your IT Services Provider in San Antonio Help with ID Management?

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IT services San AntonioBusinesses can greatly benefit from IT services providers in San Antonio. Whether it’s maintaining adequate uptime for all systems, ensuring that software is up-to-date as possible, and the latest technologies are being taken advantage of, your IT professional should have you covered. One area where they can provide invaluable service is in the identity management space. This is one administrative area of your business that you likely don’t have a firm grasp of.

When you are talking about identity management, it boils down to who has access to your systems and what they have access to. Think about all the various applications that you have as part of your company— who has access to those? Say you run an insurance company— should those who write insurance policies also have access to the claims systems that allow for payments to be made? Identity management gives you better insight and control into everything in the access space.

A Log of All Users

One of the first things that your IT services provider in San Antonio should be able to help you with regarding identity management is to get a log of all of the users that you have in your systems. Who are these individuals? Are there any generic IDs out there that could be utilized by somebody without actually detecting who the person was?

The listing of all users is going to help you accomplish a few key things. It’s going to allow you to immediately get a viewpoint as to how many users you have on your system, as well as get an assessment of their status, when they last logged on, etc.


What is the type of activities that these users are taking on your network? Are people potentially accessing things that they shouldn’t? Activity logs can be imperative for a business and your IT services professional can help in this space. Having access to your systems’ status can be powerful— you can even get down to the keystrokes, depending on how much depth you want to get into with the technology.

Periodic Reviews and Roles

Your IT professional should also be helping you get set up with roles for your systems. What makes sense from a privileged standpoint for various users? Should some have read-only access to folders? Having a periodic user access review over these individuals also helps you stay proactive, removing access when it’s no longer needed.

Your IT services provider in San Antonio should be able to work with you through everything that you need when it comes to identity management. If you want to get a better hold of all the users on your network, reach out to us at Rx Technology and let’s get started today.

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