Can Your Cyber Security Provider in San Antonio Secure Medical Practices with IoT?

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Advantageous Innovation

cyber security San AntonioCyber security provider in San Antonio is finally getting to the point where IoT (Internet of Things) can be securely used even in instances where extremely sensitive information is discussed; specifically, medical practices. The information involved in modern medicine must be closely protected. Such systems must be safe from exterior cyberattack, phishing, and many other dangers which are represented by the Internet today.

Thankfully, new cyber security solutions are making it so that IoT applications will likely be mainstream in medical offices in the next several years. It is expected that by 2020, over 50 billion IoT-enabled devices will be in regular usage worldwide.

There is quite a lot of potential here. With the IoT, data on more patients can be collected and properly applied. It can be pooled, disseminated, and put to its highest use. Information is the primary mover behind medical breakthroughs, and when that information can be more quickly and securely managed, it naturally leads to an increase in discovery. Additionally, there is an increase in a medical institution’s ability to keep patients healthy and perform difficult procedures safely.

Cisco Wisdom

Cisco, known internationally for their computational excellence, has been crunching the IoT security issue for a while now and offers two primary bits of advice for medical networks employing this tech:

  • Segment networks
  • Segment connected devices

Here’s the “what” and the “why” behind those bits of advice: IoT devices can’t really protect themselves and, as previously noted, they’re set to surpass 50 billion in the next three years. If you keep your IoT segmented from “the main stream” and keep networks separate from devices, then should something go wrong, you’re just a reboot away from being back to normal again.

As you look to segment your networks, you may want to work with groups offering cyber security in San Antonio. This helps you remain cognizant of the latest breakthroughs and ensure all vulnerable areas are professionally secured against cybercrime.

Expansive and Cost-Effective Advantages

Some of the most common reasons why many medical institutions are beginning to use IoT tech include:

  • ROI (return on investment)
  • New telemedicine legal requirements
  • Application of strategies in digital transformation
  • Updated models for reimbursement
  • Updated care delivery solutions
  • Platforms with a greater focus on the consumer

Cloud computing, when coupled with IoT, represents a powerful tool that can save hospitals substantial resources. It’s much less expensive to use a cloud network than a localized one at a given facility. Plus, the data and legal structures additionally make IoT utility more cost-effective. As IoT becomes prolific, hospitals are going to have to adapt anyway, and many medical practitioners are wisely staying ahead of the curve. That this additionally results in consumer-centric solutions is an added bonus.

Localized Security Solutions

Before, although the technology existed, security solutions weren’t quite up to the task of properly employing that tech. Now, they’ve gotten where they need to be. It makes sense to get involved with cloud tech early because this will give a financial, technological, and operational edge to a given medical facility.

If you’re looking to upgrade, some of the finest cyber security in San Antonio pertaining to IoT, cloud computing, and related technological situations come from Rx Technology. We offer top-tier, cutting-edge service that is cost-effective and secure. Contact us to learn more.

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