Brilliant IT Support Provider in San Antonio Suffers Tragic Accident!

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Common Problems

accident“The problem with the IT support in San Antonio you’re currently sourcing is that they pay no attention to detail. Look here,” Nathan Rizzo indicated an end user portal on the sales floor. “This rube’s got his username and password on a sticky-note attached to the tower!” He ripped it off, crumpled it up, and threw it away.

“Hey!” said the man at the desk, “that’s my only copy!”

“File a support ticket,” Nathan turned back to the manager he’d been addressing: “It’s child’s play to break into your system. I’ve memorized that guy’s information, I’ll just log in—” he tapped the code into an unattended portal “—and who knows what I might do? I could download a ransomware virus I designed myself, install spyware, or any number of things!”

The man following behind pushed glasses up on his nose. “Yes… but it can be a real hassle to force everyone to memorize login—”

“Who said anything about memorizing? Have them keep it on their person and make up new passwords every couple of weeks.”

“Yes, you make a point—”

“Of course, I do! That’s why I’m the go-to guy for IT support in San Antonio. We use the BEIN’ MIMI method.”


“Uh… Bein’ Mimi?”

“Our IT support in San Antonio provides many services,” Nathan began to tick them off on his fingers, “we provide:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Education IT Services
  • IT Construction
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Help
  • Municipal IT Services
  • IT Consulting

…see? Each service starts with the letters in the phrase ‘Bein’ Mimi.’ I’m a regular genius!”


“Well, it’s a passable mnemonic, anyway. So, give us a call at Rx Technology and we’ll show you how exceptional our services are. We secure anything.”


“Thanks for the tour, I can definitely increase your security. Here’s the thing, I’ve got a lecture I must speak at— as you can guess, speaking is also one of my specialties. Please keep in touch?”

“Sure thing, Mr. Rizzo!”

The Drive

“Ciao,” and Nathan walked to his Lamborghini, jumped through the automatic door, and drove off like a cat out of heaven or a bat out of hell. He loved to smash the pedal as close to the floor as possible. He had a lecture halfway across town, but his services and genius were top-tier enough, he had secured clients that made the Lamborghini practically cheap. So, he drove it like a madman. It was neon green and faster than anything. Or at least that’s how it seemed as Nathan revved the thing up a twisty, hilly road. As it happened, a phone call came as he maneuvered. He answered it without a thought: “Rizzo.”

“Nate! We got another client.”


“CineDyne Systems has a research creche in the San Antonio area, they need security—”

“Well, I’m busy.”

“But they’ve got an internal cloud…”

“Oh really? How powerful—” A goat decided to commit suicide by jumping in front of Nathan’s Lamborghini. He had no time to hit the brakes and the vehicle smashed into it, spun out of control, careened off a cliff and ejected him out the driver’s door with acrimony. He would’ve screamed, but he banged his head on a tree and limply tumbled down the escarpment. Nathan would survive, but barely.

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