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Disaster Recovery: An Essential Component of IT Support in San Antonio in 2017

Avoiding Disaster When you are in the market for IT support in San Antonio, finding a robust disaster recovery solution is high on your wish list. When it comes to IT, you're going to have software and hardware failures, period. It doesn't matter how proactive and effective your solutions are,…
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5 of the Biggest PC Myths That Just Won’t Die

Computers are like anything else. Myths and urban legends have built up over time, passed from person to person. Some myths once had a grain of truth but are no longer true thanks to technological progress. Here are the top five PC myths that hope will keep you up to date.…
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RX Technology Celebrates 20 Years

Recently RX Technology celebrated 20 years in business and was featured in Construction News. In the article A Perscription to Thrive, Mary Hazlett chronicles the humble beginnings that kept the company thriving through the dot com bust and the economic downturn. Read the full story here...   
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Sign PDF Documents Without Printing and Scanning

Need to sign a document and email it? Skip the print, sign, scan process and apply your signature electronically. It saves time, and you don’t need a printer or scanner. All the below tools allow you type words into a document, so you can fill out forms without printing them…
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