Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

No one plans on losing data, and we certainly don’t ever want to find out the hard way that backups were failing or lost.  Older tape backup solutions or simply plugging a portable hard drive into a server is no longer efficient.  Off site storage has become incredibly affordable and automated allowing you to backup your servers with accuracy and speed.  And the most expensive part of a server failure is the inability to continue servicing customers, billing, or selling services.  Add in employee costs associated with the downtime and your costs soar for any server outages.  

Rx Technology can help you stay productive and protect your information and servers against any downtime.

  • Local server backup includes files or complete image backup.
  • Offsite storage is automated insuring that any disaster is protected data with copies in multiple geo-diverse locations across the US.
  • Ability to spin up an image of your server locally in the event of failure. This allows you to continue working while the server is repaired and brought back online with no loss of data.
  • Ransomware recovery becomes a breeze by restoring files as quickly as the offending malware can encrypt them.  
  • Peace of mind knowing that all of your data is safely stored offsite, locally, and ready to recover within a moments notice.

Business Continuity is another piece of Disaster Recovery.  Not all solutions allow the ability to keep working in the event of disaster but Rx Technology has several products that not only backup your server, but can create a virtual server that we can turn on within minutes of your existing servers failure.  With our Managed Services included we can detect the failure, turn on the VM, and have you up and running before many end users even know there is a disruption.  Business Continuity can be run locally with an appliance or we can spin up virtual server in the cloud for you to access with remote desktop.  There are virtually no limitations to keeping you up and running and keeping your office productive.