Advantages of Cloud Object Storage solutions offered by IT Services providers in San Antonio

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IT services San AntonioThere are multiple challenges that you will encounter if you are planning on advancing your high-volume data management with an IT services provider in San Antonio. The most obvious problem that you must consider is the total cost of handling large volumes of unstructured data. Security is also a challenge, especially if you must share data across different geographies and platforms. If you are experiencing these difficulties with your network, then object storage might be an ideal data management choice.

What is Object Storage?

In general, object storage can be defined as specialized data storage architecture which handles digital data as objects. The discrete units of data (or objects) are stored inside of a repository. Because of this management structure, the object-based storage is ideal for handling large volumes of data. In simple terms, the objects are not connected in a file hierarchy or as data blocks.

Typically, you can use this form of storage to manage the information in your on-premises data center within your educational facility or business. However, you will gain more advantages and have an advanced option when you use the cloud. Unlike standard cloud storage, this object-based alternative allows the data to be split into discrete units and stored in different server sites around the globe.

The Distinction from File and Block Storage

If you want to understand object storage and the benefit that you can get from your IT services provider in San Antonio, you must learn its differences from the traditional file and block storage. File storage involves placing a piece of data inside folders such that the information is organized in relation to different categories with other related data. This hierarchical is simple; you can find data as long as you know the path.

Block storage involves separation of files into separate blocks which are then stored as independent pieces of data. Each of these blocks has a unique address to allow the system to identify the data and the file from which it was derived. When the data is required, the storage software will combine the blocks into the complete file. This method is favorable because the blocks can be stored anywhere within the system to maximize space efficiency.

In cloud object storage, the discrete units of data are created from pertinent files. Each of the objects will have your data and the file’s metadata, as well as a unique global identifier. All the data is placed in one flat address space or repository without folders or any apparent organization system. When data is required, the unique identifier will be used by the storage software to access the information.

Advantages of Cloud Object Storage

Cloud object storage improves data accessibility because each unit of data is independent and there are no complex files or block systems to navigate. Your data will be more secure because the objects can be in different servers around the world. You will be less vulnerable to hacker attacks and data loss. Still, this will not interfere with access since there is a unique global identifier.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of cloud object storage from a IT services provider in San Antonio, contact us at Rx Technology today.

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